Don't let college slow down your degree.
We partner you with an educator who compliments your degree plan and provides you with unique courses to accelerate you through the school of your choice. We pay a certain level of credits and they increase over time. Most students graduate debt-free in about 3 years.

Your Pace

Our provider’s courses start at any time- not just at the beginning of the semester. Want to move faster? You can make a marathon session of studying. You move at your pace, independent of a class or instructor’s ability.

Maximum Opportunities

To be eligible, we ask that you work a specific amount of Lunch hours in our Restaurant. Free of class schedules, students are able to step into leadership roles for which their peers are not available. you means you can maximize your resume, your hourly pay and your time.


For each shift worked, students are eligible for an entree, side and beverage of their choice.

Community of Students

Join a community of students maximizing their time and beating the system.

Come join us.