Evening Weekend Junior Database Programmer


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The Junior Database Programmer exists to multiply our team's influence. They integrate our paper or technical systems into a simple user experience.

If you’re a geek who loves helping others, then keep reading…

We’ll index everything if you…

• Build what we’ve started to completion • Script automatic solutions to common tasks • Cut our time spent on administration by 70% • Integrate our systems using RESTful web applications • Love creating high-tech solutions that feel like paper

You’ll be happy if you…

• Have a natural affinity in database design & scripting code • Analyze things in your sleep • Get a natural high from finding a better way to do something • Constantly look to grow through feedback

We’ll super-clock the server if you…

• Can’t resolve that tension between being techie and influencing people • Don’t typically get a big head over things, even though you’re awesome. • Correctly capitalize your code, just because you feel better

This is a blended job.

a candidate accepts this position, The ycan anticipate their ratio of hours to resemble the below graph:

Curious about pay?

Depending on your responsibility, your pay could look like this over time:

Raises are based off team members with continued above average performance. Pay rates may change due to business conditions and performance.