Weekday Aspiring Marketing Strategist


Hospitality Marketing Leadership



The Weekday Aspiring Marketing Specialist exists to maximize our unique marketing assets to their full capacity. They grow sales by increasing our transaction count & check average. If no one else is specializing in it, they cultivate great outside sales.

If you love growing the top line then keep reading...

We’ll give away a few nuggets if you...

- Can research, create, and deliver a yearly integrated marketing campaign - Can grow sales by 15%, year over year - Can recruit and develop others to execute marketing disciplines

You’ll be happy if you...

- Enjoy analyzing situations to create results, - Love building partnerships - Gain energy while teaching others - Work best as a team

We’ll give away the store if you...

- Can’t stop helping others - Are passionate about leveraging influence to impact a community

This is a blended job.

a candidate accepts this position, The ycan anticipate their ratio of hours to resemble the below graph:

Curious about pay?

Depending on your responsibility, your pay could look like this over time:

Raises are based off team members with continued above average performance. Pay rates may change due to business conditions and performance.