Weekday Equipment Specialist


Culinary Engineering



The Weekday Equipment Specialist integrates their technical knowledge into Restaurant operations. They ensure we are good stewards of our equipment and fight for its peak performance.

If you’re a gearhead with a discerning taste for food then keep reading...

We’ll give you the key to the shop if you...

- Can execute preventive maintenance schedules - Can tackle “handy” repairs - Can “talk shop” to various trades with successful results

You’ll be happy if you...

- Are a "foodie" - Take things apart and put them back together in your sleep - Love a finely-tuned, balanced machine

We’ll blow a gasket if you...

- Are passionate about doing tasks that help people - Wish everyone kept a maintenance log as well as you do

This is a blended job.

a candidate accepts this position, The ycan anticipate their ratio of hours to resemble the below graph:

Curious about pay?

Depending on your responsibility, your pay could look like this over time:

Raises are based off team members with continued above average performance. Pay rates may change due to business conditions and performance.