Weekday Hospitality Team Member


Hospitality Leadership Marketing



Our Weekday Hospitality Team Member exists to win the battle for our guests' hearts. An Associate is responsible for shepherding the guest's journey by expertly connecting them to our meals and service.

If you love helping others then keep reading…

We’ll Share A Smile If You…

• Leave people tweeting about their experience as they leave • Understand people easily and have a knack for making quick friend • Are kind of a neat freak • Always wondered if you’d make it big in sales • Find yourself surrounded a group of friends when you’re off work

You’ll Go Home Satisfied If You…

• Love anticipating other’s needs • Enjoy staying active while at work • Love cleaning things • 'Get' people when others don't.

We’ll Do The HAPPY Cheer If You…

• Love trusting a team of friends. • Are kind, when life isn't.

This is a blended job.

a candidate accepts this position, The ycan anticipate their ratio of hours to resemble the below graph:

Curious about pay?

Depending on your responsibility, your pay could look like this over time:

Raises are based off team members with continued above average performance. Pay rates may change due to business conditions and performance.